If you are an art-o-rama subscriber, you should be getting your Dec/Jan issue shortly… maybe even today! They got into the mail system monday morn… so your nifty little package will be with you shortly. This is issue number 2, and I wanted to make it a little special, as it IS Christmas. So every issue has a unique something or the other tucked into the inside cover. Enjoy!

If you dig the comic-ing strips and enjoy reading them in a book format (some of you are saying, “what’s that, you say? What means this… book?” Well… you can see and read comics from 36 newish talents (your’s truly is included) and  hold said book in your hands… it’s simply called… The New Classics: 21st Century Comic Strips.   There’s a groovy price attached right now… at $14.95… catch it now! Click on the title to order now!