It’s about to be a busy and fun weekend. It’s time to visit the Alternative Press Expo (AKA … APE). This year I am not IN APE, I am VISITING  APE). It both saddens & thrills me. I get to spectate, carouse, sit in workshops, shop and visitate friends. It kinda makes me sad that I am not an APE-r as this year I have a friggin’ BOOK to peddle! (It is my fault… I didn’t get my *&^%% together and missed getting in….). Loser tooner.

ANYHOO… If you are going (APE), you may bump into me… I’ll be lugging Harold around. Too, my pal Aidan Casserly of Scapula has a booth (he got his %$## together)… and my other pal (I only have two) Alex Shoe (Schumacher) is giving a workshop (in which I will have the opportunity of attending). Yay.

So I will give a full report on APE… you’ll no doubt see pics of Harold APE’n around. And I will come back with lots of goodies which I will share! Oh, and I’m going to Lompoc on Sunday. (You won’t want to hear about that). Have a lovely weekend, Squiddies!