Okay, Kids… here they are… the answers to Sunday’s Fun & Games Trivia… If you haven’t  yet read Sunday’s comic… DON’T BE A CHEATER!

1. Ryan was in line behind Randie at a coffeehouse. Randie was short some cash… Ryan stepped in to help her.

2. Kai

3. Randie found Harold at a bus stop. He’d been left behind.

4. Taco Hut

5. Gurgle & Bob were won at The Flounder  Festival.

6. BKW: Bologna, Ketchup on white

7. Art-O-Rama… also accepting The Art-O-Rama Mamas

8. Leroy, B.B.’s significant other person

9. Espresso Mundo, Espresso Yourself, Espresso Kingdom, Joe’s Cuppa Joe’s, Rollicker’s, The Rollicking Coffee Bean, The Coffee Bean, The Good Cup, Joe 2 Go, Java Bob’s, Chip’s Coffee Cup

10. Mike(y)

11. Sister Bernie Hotwheels

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