As some of you might have noticed, the past couple a days, the comic size has been a bit super-sized. No, I didn’t MEAN for them to be all that big… I’ve been “experimenting” with some different size sizes. My intent was to make the images smaller and easier to load. It sorta back-fired on me… (picture a scene from the Nutty Professor or something). Crow, from Nicky510 suggested some things… and I screwed them up. (Crow, your advisements was good’uns!)

But all is well now!¬† The problem is fixed (thank you for your comments and your patience) and from now on Squid Row will be easier to read on your ‘puters (hopefully)! (dern techno- lergical, fan-dangled whatcha-muh callits mussin’ wit my *&&%%…) Where’s Mouse?