Hey, Squiddies! Just a blurb here to thank those who came out for the First Friday Silliness at the Cartoonery this past Friday. I must say, these little soirees are just a hoot! I want to thank stick-fig for the treats, Terry for the excellent wine (it was Frenchy!), Chris’ mom (for the culture), and Patrick for the amazing Mother Goose & Grimm book. It perturbs me that as a fan of said comic strip, this is my first book of Grimm. How is MG&G not in my library???? Thank you for adding it, Patrick. I have been enjoying Mike Peters’ amazing drawing style and his sick humor all weekend! And of course, I have to thank Judy for making her amazing cookies… gah… I had so many!!!

And thank you all … who blessed me with your presence… it would not be a party without partiers. And another big thank you to those who purchased  Squid stuff. It helps with the overall stayin’ in business thing.