on the Eurostar to Paris

It was a day of travel… and Harold was traveling by train. The ride from London to Aix included a Tube ride, the EuroStar (supah fast train under the Channel), a Metro ride, the TGV (another fast train!) and a cab ride (a very fast car!). We were exhausted by all the movement.

Harold had his passport ready for the French guy at the Eurostar station… although, the attendant didn’t bother to ask for it. Anyhow, Harold had never gone that fast in his life (the top speed is 208 miles an hour… we got pretty close as the train was running late).

the train moves a bit... this is an action shot!

Once in Paris, we had to get to Gare d’Lyon via the Metro… once there we had a bit of a layover and so we grabbed a lunch in a cafe at the station. I had a bacon/mint wrap (they were out of tuna or thon) with lemon water and Harold’s stomach was a bit queasy, so he just had a coke zero (this was a mini can free sample… apparently Coke Zero is new here and they were promoting it at the Gare d’Lyon).

harold thirsting!