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Squid-Row-art copyRandie Springlemeyer

As a starving artist, Randie knows what it’s like to go without. Renting the world’s smallest apartment, Randie sacrifices most amenities in order to buy paints and canvas… but working part-time at the local arts & crafts store (Pfaff’s Arts & Crafts) certainly helps. And living in a touristy seaside community offers up plenty of subject matter.  “The Row” is only a few streets away from Randie with its clueless tourists, popular aquarium and busy rec trail.

Randie is surrounded by her faithful group of bohemian friends… and she often leans on them heavily… namely her best pal, Ryan who regularly feeds her insatiable coffee habit… (because coffee is the elixir of not only life, but of creativity).

Ryan Goodfellow

Randie’s best pal, Ryan is an under-appreciated writer who contributes to the local news rag and various other publications. Ryan has just committed himself to finishing his degree at CSUFO having quit his gig as head wait guy at Lava Luna’s Tiki Bar & Grill Marina Beach.

Ryan’s “other full time job” is keeping Randie above water. Whether it’s providing a ride to work or over to The Rollicker’s Coffee, Ryan keeps an eye on his friend… and secretly writes a novel based on Randie’s fortunes and misfortunes.

When not working or toting Randie about, he can usually be found reading Steinbeck (of which he is an avid enthusiast) or writing… of course.


Harold… or rather “Property of Harold” (as the tag on his bum says) was found on a bench at a bus stop. Randie bicycled past the hapless abandoned stuffed “thing” and decided to adopt him, vowing to find its owner. She posted signs in the neighborhood and kept a wary eye, but no one claimed the stuffed toy.

After some time, Randie became rather fond of “Harold” (shortened) and they became inseparable. Randie secretly hopes that his owner won’t reappear. But there have been near misses.

Ryan finds the way Randie carries Harold around amusing, and often chides her playfully for her love of the silly stuffed toy.


Randie’s painting pal, Spill, works in many art mediums: paint (especially house paint), cement, found objects and unconventional media. She lives and works in her art studio in Sandoon City, an industrial neighborhood outside of Cypress City.

She’s a friend to Randie’s art rival, Jimmy Chow, much to Randie’s chagrin, but is certainly friendly to most everyone. She is also a founding member of the Art-o-rama Mamas… a group of undercover do-gooders that do clever, silly, and philanthropic art deeds around The Peninsula.

And as her name suggests, Spill has a tendency to drop, spill and glob stuff.



When Enid isn’t out saving the world, she’s baking cookies… “Because cookies help make everything better.” Enid’s Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink cookies top Randie’s list of favorite snacks.

Enid is a do-gooder; She’s an art therapist and has her hands in countless projects, philanthropic activities and organizations, including Art-o-rama, Randie’s informal art group. Randie, who marvels at Enid’s capable-ness, doesn’t know where Enid finds the time to be so involved and still knit, sew and write for various craft magazines. One thing is for certain, if ever a situation comes up where a something needs to get done, Enid’s number is on Randie and Spill’s speed dial.




 Mouse used to be Randie’s fellow co-worker at The Artbox Art Supply in Cypress City. Now, he’s Randie’s boss… well one of them. Mouse helped his family start up Pfaff’s Arts & Crafts.

 Mouse, whose real name makes Randie chuckle, has always had a big crush on Randie… to the point of debilitation. Often his friend, Midge, helps arrange ways to be around Randie, with varying degrees of success. 

Mouse is a computer nerd, Star Trakker fan and enthusiastic gamer; he is incredibly capable of doing things when he puts his mind on it… except when it comes to matters of the heart.


The Pfaff sisters…

Mouse’s family has taken over The ArtBox Art Supply and they turned it into an arts & crafts store. Maggie, Mouse’s mom, is the Head Pfaff at the store… although all the sisters and Mouse are equal partners.